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A wide spectrum of perspectives beyond the worlds of science fiction & fantasy: with focus on technology and art .




Science fiction






Cool Future Technologies focus ecofriendly & innovative new technologies

The Local Motors 3-D Printed Car on the streets of New York City, and just before the NY Daily News Autos became one of the first to get a ride in this revolutionary roadster.


Found in junk shop: a 19th century visionary artist-engineer


Airlords of Airia - a Steampunk film in the making from Germany


The Steampunk Design from Germany - a couple of film clips





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Networked Society


Bitchute - p2p decenttalized alternative to Youtube


GAB - p2p decentalized alternativ to Facebook


Some of the most interesting looking book stores - a picture gallery


Unique book stores


Some of the most expensive science fiction & fantasy books


Some musical suggestions

Ultimae`s ambient music collection


Carbon Based Lifeforms - Swedish ambient duo



Max Corbacho from Spain




Alan Lee



Michael Whelan


About the works of Francois Bourgeon, graphic novel artist- you can choose text in english


A film (in 3 parts) about the late graphic novel artist Jean Giraud - MOEBIUS

Tolkien Library

Tolkien Maps

The Art of John Howe- with many images from the world of Tolkien


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