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specializes to about 60 % in selling second hand

science fiction och fantasy books.

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Here we present a wide spectrum of information and various perspectives about and beyond

 science fiction and fantasy.



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Science Fiction



About Science Fiction with some suggested links, its origin in scientific romance and Astronomy  with interactive tools and orientations about astronomy, and novel cosmology.e

About Fantasy: reviews, libraries, authors, interviews etc.


Technolog, Art  & Music



A spectrum of information around and beyond  science fiction and fantasy with focus on technology, art & music.


Search & find science fiction and fantasy books in libraries and search databases. Download free text and audio books with expired copyright, often classical books in english, SF & Fantasy organisation in Sweden & Finland.







SF, Fantasy & Kvalité is an antiquarian bookseller with about 60 % in science fiction & fantasy books.

Member of Bokbörsen since 2003.

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